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We’re lovin’ our nearby city of Nashville!

We are a husband and wife real estate investment team originally from the Chicago suburbs.  We bring experience in project management and contract compliance to our business based in beautiful Middle Tennessee. We also have a strong sense for family and have raised our 5 children to be well -adjusted young adults.  Our commitment to our business is as intense as it was in growing our happy and healthy family. We look forward to working with you. Welcome to the Tiger Lily family!


Our purpose is to be a friend in the community and walk together with property owners into a fair and honest property transaction.  Therefore, improving their lives and the neighborhood with understanding and integrity. 


Our mission is to put ‘People Before Profits”.  We believe in assisting home owners in resolving their pending property problems and offer solutions to them. We are the advocate of those that need help in navigating their way out of a difficult situation.  We understand each situation is different and requires careful consideration of all factors to resolve this temporary problem.  Once we partner with the homeowner, we follow the plan through to resolution so a fresh new start can begin as soon as possible. We want to be your trusted advocates during this process.

We’re here for you, give us a try!

Our children grew up in a home we all loved for a very long time. So we understand how hard it may be to leave for those long time homeowners in a tough situation!

17 years later…….we made the leap from this beloved Illinois home to a new one in Tennessee and our kids started their adult lives!

Why we became real estate investors

After my 80 year old dad lost his life to cancer, we had to get his house ready to sell. We navigated through probate and other paperwork then finally cleaned out his house to be sold fast. Despite the sadness of it all, we realized this process went pretty smoothly for us. If we had to do it again, we could. We felt that it was the right time for us to get into real estate investing and begin helping others navigate through this craziness and walk them through the process.

Our two youngest children graduated college in the ROTC program. They are currently in Army Officer training. We are very proud military parents! We understand the lives of our brave men and women who proudly serve our great country! We are here to serve them too!

We're so very proud of our new Commissioned Army Officers: 2LT Kimberly Woods and 2LT Frank Woods!

We’re so very proud of our new Commissioned Army Officers:

  • 2LT Kimberly Woods
  • 2LT Frank Woods