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House Repairs DIY

House Repairs making DIY’ers BEWARE!  4 Home Repairs To Save For The Professionals

Homeowners looking to make House Repairs DIY may have gotten overconfident with their DIY skills.  Armed with YouTube tutorials and extra time at home during COVID, more homeowners have been drawn to DIY house projects to save money and bypass waiting for overbooked contractors.  Home inspectors are seeing the results of that DIY surge.  When homeowners go to sell, they say more DIY jobs are popping up as red flags.  Home Inspectors indicate that they want homeowners to be handy, but be careful about what they choose to do to their home.  It can be dangerous and not repaired to the local code requirements. If the proper permits are not obtained, this could hold up a pending house sale not to mention the safety risk for fire, water damage or structural problems.  For example, saving $200-$300 for an electrician or plumber could end up costing you thousands in the end.  Here are the areas where Home Inspectors are noticing an uptick:

  1. Electrical Work House Repairs DIY:

DIY Tasks- Installing a lighting fixture, ceiling fan or dimmer switch.

Risks: Electrocution and electrical fires.

Red Flags: Any changes in the electrical box can be problematic, even when it seems minor like adding a dimmer or wall switch or even a Wi-Fi- enabled switch.

  1. Plumbing House Repairs DIY:

DIY Tasks: Changing a faucet or appliance.

Risks: Water leaks or flooding to the home and mold.

Red Flags: One wrong pipe connection can cause pressure problems and/or flooding damage and mold if not properly repaired.

  1. Roofing and Decks House Repairs DIY:

DIY Tasks: Injuries from falls and damage to the home.

Red Flags: Decks improperly attached to the house or unsupported handrails pose safety concerns. Repairing shingles on a roof is high risk for non-professionals.  The Pros know the safety precautions to take.

  1. Landscape Grading House Repairs DIY:

DIY Tasks: Adding landscaping or outdoor elements that change water flow around the house.

Risks: Improper draining, flooding, and structural damage.

Red Flags: When grading is not maintained, the water may run towards the house instead of away from it.  This can cause water to collect at the foundation and seep into the basement or crawl space. When it rains, check to be sure the water is flowing away from the house. The gutters should be directing the water away from the foundation too.

If you are in the process of selling your house and need repairs, a licensed contractor will get the job done right the first time! However, if you can’t afford the time or money for these house repairs, will buy your house as-is with no repairs needed and make a fair cash offer and close quickly.  Contact us today! 615-852-7373.